Decommissioning and Groundbreaking Ceremony

October 28, 2006Calendar Icon

TimeOctober 28, 2006
Description Join in the decommissioning of Hollingsworth Field and the groundbreaking of the new stadium after the football game Saturday, Oct. 28. The schedule is:

  • Remembrance -- Jim "Moose" Malmquist ('53), Retired Director of Athletics
  • Farewell Blessing -- Rachel Larson, Chaplain
  • Photo of Football Players on Stadium Benches
  • All in attendance form a line from Hollingsworth Field to the new stadium site to pass a football and square of sod
  • Tributes -- Ken Westphal, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer; George Hicks ('75), Board of Trustees; Al Molde ('66), Director of Athletics; Jay Schoenebeck ('80), Head Football Coach; Nick David ('07), Captain
  • Blessing -- Rachel Larson, Chaplain
  • Reception -- Hollingsworth Field
  • Referee and Time Keeper of Ceremonies -- Al Molde ('66), Director of Athletics
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