Daily SabbathMay 4, 2016 at 1010:20 a.m.

Time: May 4, 2016 at 1010:20 a.m.
Location:Christ Chapel

Daily Sabbath is an opportunity to gather, pause, pray, sing, and listen to reflections on faith and learning from diverse members of the campus community.

  • Today is Morning Praise.
  • Today our music is provided by Emily Rudquist '16; organ, the Choir of Christ Chapel and The Sar-Jo-Ky Horn Trio - Kyra Wicklund '16, John Halvorson '18, Sarah Cooper '16.
  • All are invited to attend.

The Office of the Chaplains seeks to accompany the entire Gustavus community in a solidarity that celebrates diversity and embraces connectedness. Because of the Swedish-Lutheran heritage of the college, the Office of the Chaplains promotes spiritual exploration through respectful inclusion and enriching dialogue in the context of global religious pluralism. In doing so, the Office of the Chaplains seeks to strategically integrate faith and spiritual development into learning and life for the sake of restoring communities through radical compassion and hospitality.