Civil Rights Movement Leader C. T. VivianJanuary 18, 2010 at 1011:15 a.m.

Time: January 18, 2010 at 1011:15 a.m.
Location:Christ Chapel

The Diversity Center, the Peace Studies Program, and the President's office are sponsoring a special campus wide convocation for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The Rev. Cordy Tindell "C.T." Vivian, a close friend and lieutenant of Dr. King during the American Civil Rights Movement who is still active in civil rights issues today at age 85 will be the keynote speaker at a special chapel service/convocation.

The Rev. C.T. Vivian is a living legend of the Civil Rights Movement and continues his activism today at the age of 85, tirelessly working for the progress of African Americans and the civil and political rights of all people. An uplifting speaker, he has addressed audiences in 42 states, 10 countries, and on countless campuses nationwide on the issues of civil rights, non-violence, racism, and Dr. King, with whom he worked for many years. The entire campus and St. Peter community are invited to join us as we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with one of his closest friends.