Camp Kendall Session - Developing Student Assessment for Community-Engaged LearningJune 8, 2022 at noon to 2 p.m.

TimeJune 8, 2022 at noon to 2 p.m.

Developing Student Assessment for Community-Engaged Learning 
Session 1: Wednesday, June 8, 12-2 pm in the President’s Dining Room (PDR) 
This three-part workshop will guide participants through the construction of custom built, ready-to-use assessment tools for their own CEL-oriented courses. Alyssa Melby, Program Director for Academic Civic Engagement at St. Olaf College, will guide faculty as we learn from one another about current assessment practices and the process of developing and using course-specific rubrics to directly assess student learning in civic and intercultural outcomes. The first session will cover some basics of assessments and rubric development as well as sharing current practices and brainstorming how these assessments can support other personal and professional goals (department reviews, tenure and promotion, grant seeking, etc.). The second session, conducted asynchronously, will guide participants in developing CEL assessment skills, discovering best practices for supporting a growth mindset for students and using a practice rubric to "score" real-life reflection pieces. The final session will first invite faculty to "smash the rubricarchy" in a hands-on creative reconstruction of several AAC&U VALUE Rubrics to develop something tailor made for their course. The group will then work collectively to reverse-engineer student reflection questions that will elicit responses to match the designed rubrics. Each session will also be accompanied by 1-2 hours of required prep work. Compensation is $100 per each session, with an added $100 bonus for completing all three sessions. Facilitated by Martin Lang.

PostedMay 18, 2022