Alumni Invitational Art Exhibition: Ars Longa, Academia BrevisNov 23, 2010 at midnight to Jan 28, 2011 at 11:59 p.m.

TimeNov 23, 2010 at midnight to Jan 28, 2011 at 11:59 p.m.

Alumni Invitational Art Exhibition: Ars Longa, Academia Brevis will be on view at the Hillstrom Museum of Art from Monday, November 22, 2010 through Friday, January 28, 2011. The Museum's regular hours are weekdays, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and weekends, 1 to 5 p.m., but check the Museum's website at for hours of closure during the College's Thanksgiving and Holiday breaks, and for additional hours the weekend of Christmas in Christ Chapel.


Alumni Invitational Art Exhibition: Ars Longa, Academia Brevis features sixty-three recent artworks by past Gustavus studio art majors ranging from the class of 2009 back to the class of 1951, the earliest year students could graduate with the major. All of the nearly five hundred past studio art majors of Gustavus Adolphus College from those years who have contact information with the Office of Alumni Relations were invited to participate, and around half of the artists exhibiting are from the class of 1990 or earlier. Many of the participants have continued to be very active in art since leaving Gustavus. The exhibition's subtitle references the first lines of an aphorism by the Greek physician Hippocrates, best known in their Latin translation Ars longa, vita brevis, which suggests that art endures even though life"or in the exhibition's variant, the length of one's college career"is brief.


Artists exhibiting in Ars Longa, Academia Brevis include:

Heather Duggan Anderson (1997)

Terry M. Anderson (1971)

Sheila McNellis Asato (1982)

Donald Baker (1975)

Sara Christensen Blair (2000)

Kevin Bowen (1983)

Bruce M. Boyce (1973)

Kay Carlson-Gritton (1959)

Randall Carrigan (1988)

Brianna Chies (2006)

Tiffany L. Clark (2005)

Kiersten Dahl-Shetka (1990)

Susan M. Davies (1982)

Randi Dettling (2009)

Laurenbrook (Swanson) Ellingson (1979)

Johannah Erickson (2009)

Elizabeth Faldet (2009)

Faith Farrell (1989)

Melissa Friebe (2007)

John C. Gaunt (1991)

Linda Leonardson Hallman (1964)

Milton "Gus eHallman (2000)

Susan (Carlson) Hayes (1972)

Todd Heimdahl (1964)

Wayne Henrikson (1963)

Lisa Bang Hoffman (1991)

Whitney P. Hohman (2008)

Joel Jackson (1971)

Denise Willey Johnson (1996)

Wendy J. Johnson (1979)

Andrew Judkins (2002)

Chris Koivisto (1993)

E. Gregory Koivisto (1968)

Jessica Brost Kovarik (2004)

Nicholas Legeros (1977)

Eric Lennartson (1992)

Kari Larter Lennartson (1997)

Anthony Marchetti (2001)

Karen E. McCall (1977)

Linda Jean Larson Magozzi McNary (1965)

Janice Broehl Meintsma (1983)

Lisa M. Melmed (1982)

Jane Mjolsness (1984)

Joni D. (Anderson) Myers (1983)

Christine Myhr (1987)

Lyna Lou Nordstrom (1968)

Peter Olsen (1983)

Chris Price (2002)

Ben Raines (2003)

Geri Johnson Reimer (1951)

Brian D. Robb (1972)

Bruce Allyn Robb (1977)

Sonja Roth (1980)

Roy Schwen (1959)

Mya Follansbee Shaftel (1995)

Sara Sonnabend (2002)

Gail Johnson Speckmann (1973)

Elliot Stewart-Franzen (2004)

Brita DeRemee Taracks (1983)

R. Alex Therien (2000)

Robert Therien (1966)

Cheryl Walker (1980)

Robin Engfer West (1976)Gift Icon Give a gift to Hillstrom Museum of Art

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