Plant Collection

John Sandberg Plant Database

  • John Sandberg was a Swedish born botanist who collected extensively in the Northern Midwest and Rocky Mountains of North America during the the 1880s. The Minnesota portion of his collection is housed here. SOme other places where his collections are housed include: New York University, Harvard University, and the Smithsonian Museum.

Swedish Plant Collection

  • This collection contains many specimens collected in Sweden by Swedish and American collectors in the 1880s.

The Herbarium is in Nobel 333.

  • The oldest specimen is 1880.
  • The most recent acquisition is 2016
  • You might be surprised to know that we have several specimens from Sweden.
  • Local specimens include species found in the Saint Peter Area.
  • We have many collections from John Sandberg a well-known collector, who collected throughout Minnesota and the Western United States.

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