Using the PROFILE


To apply for any kind of aid at Gustavus—like scholarships, grants, loans, or student employment—families can complete a form called the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE.

  • Gustavus uses "the PROFILE" to determine your family's eligibility for aid.
  • You're probably more familiar with the FAFSA-- the Free Application for Federal Student Aid-- which you complete once you've finished your 2015 taxes. We also accept the FAFSA.
  • The PROFILE is a service of the College Board-- the same company that administers the SAT-- and costs $25. (This is one of the reasons we do not charge an application fee when you apply for admission.)
  • The PROFILE can be completed without your current tax information, so we can give you a financial aid award much earlier than is typical.
  • If, according to the PROFILE, you qualify for state or federal funds, you will still need to submit the FAFSA. If the information you report matches the PROFILE, your award won't change.
  • In subsequent years, enrolled Gustavus students only need to submit the FAFSA.
  • The PROFILE allows Gustavus to make earlier awards and identify those with the greatest financial need.
  • Need-based financial aid awards are are sent every week beginning December 20. Once you've been admitted, you can expect your award about two weeks after you've submitted the PROFILE. (The exception is students who are finalists for our President's, fine arts, and forensics scholarships. These students will receive their award-- as long as the PROFILE is in-- within two weeks of Scholarship Day.)

For the financial aid timeline, more tips on applying for aid, and to download forms visit the financial aid process page. Or, visit the PROFILE website now. And, we always welcome your questions.