Internships / Shadows / Study Abroad

Majors and minors are strongly encouraged to consider a professional internship or international study program. Such programs are arranged individually, based on the interests and skills of the student. Gustavus theatre and dance students have held internships at many major theatres and dance companies in this country and have received credit for study all over the world. Gustavus students have studied in Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Germany, France and England. Although students in recent years have gone to the Gaiety School of Acting, other programs are Gaiety School of Actingpossible. Students should check with the International Education Office regarding possible programs. To encourage and accommodate study abroad and internships, the Department will consider substitutions in major and minor programs. The Theatre and Dance department will accept for review petitions for course substitution from students whose going abroad will mean they they will miss a course required for the major or minor. For example, this might happen if you need to take Dramatic Theory or Fundamental of Stagecraft and the only semester it is offered is when you will be abroad. Should this be the case, you may request that another course (either one that you would take while abroad or another course here on campus) substitute for the required course. In order to facilitate study abroad by theatre and dance students, the department will often accept study abroad in lieu of the required senior project. Generally, students who will seek to use the study abroad experience in place of their senior project should make sure that:

  • the request for substitution is made before the study abroad experience
  • the study abroad experience has a significant theatre and/or dance component.

The added cost is a significant factor in making a decision to study abroad. That said, for most students, the cost of a semester-long study aborad experience is only slightly (given the total amount you are spending on your education) more expensive than staying on campus. For most students, a combination of loans, work, and family contributions can make study abroad affordable. The Department of Theatre and Dance encourages all students to speak with a Study Abroad Advisor before deciding not to go abroad for financial reasons.

Gustavus students have recently studied at:

If you are interested in film/video; please contact the Theatre & Dance Department Chair to learn more about an internship as the department videographer for all season productions.

A student interested in majoring in theatre and/or dance can begin fulfilling their department requirements by taking any course. It is important, however, that a major be declared by the final semester of the sophomore year so that appropriate considerations can be made for the required senior project.