Majors and Minors

In the Next RoomBoth the Theatre major and the Dance major consist of a sequence of courses culminating in a senior project. The Theatre major is intended to produce insightful interpreters, skillful collaborators, and expressive creators of theatre art; it lays the foundation for graduate studies and beginning level work in theatre or such allied fields as broadcasting, communications, arts management, and human services. The Dance major is intended to produce technically skilled, articulate movers, who use dance as a way to perceive, discover, create and communicate. The department also offers both Theatre and Dance majors with Honors.

In addition, the department offers a Theatre minor, Dance minor, Theatre Design and Technology minor and Theatre for Social Justice minor. Majors and minors are strongly encouraged to consider a professional internship or international study program. Such programs are arranged individually, based on the interests and skills of the student. 

An Arts Administration minor is also available to students who are currently majors in Theatre or Dance.

See the Gustavus Academic Catalog for information on classes and requirements.