The John Kendall Lecture Series

The John Kendall Lecture Series was established to honor Dr. John Kendall for his contributions to the department and for his support and influence on the careers of his students. Dr. Kendall was a member of the department for fifteen years prior to becoming President of the College in 1980.

The Kendall Lecture, presented by a noted researcher in the field of psychology, is intended to recognize and commemorate Dr. Kendall’s abiding interest in and commitment to the empirical investigation of behavior and psychology as a science. Funding for the public address and classroom visits is provided through the John Kendall Lecture Series Endowment, established in 1985 through the efforts of departmental faculty and the financial contributions of psychology majors when Dr. Kendall was teaching in the department.

Selected past recipients of the honor include Drs. Gerald Patterson, Elizabeth Spelke, Gordon Bower, Charles Nelson, Tom Bouchard, Mark Snyder, John Kihlstrom, Terrie Moffitt, K. Anders Ericsson, Colleen Seifert, and Neil Malamuth.

The 2017 Kendall Lecture was given by Dr. Jed Elison from the University of Minnesota. His talk was titled "Early Brain and Behavior Develpment in Autism: Toward Pre-Symptomatic Prediction" Watch it here.