Why Should You Do an Internship?

Doing an internship offers numerous benefits that can greatly enhance your academic and professional development in the field of physics. First year students through seniors may apply for summer internships.


An internship provides you with hands-on experience in applying physics concepts and theories to real-world situations. It allows you to gain practical skills and knowledge that cannot be fully acquired in a classroom setting. 

Career Exploration

Internships offer a chance to explore various career choices and areas within the field of physics. They expose you to different subfields, industries, and job roles, helping you make informed decisions about your future career path. 

Learning Physics through Research

Internships often involve engaging in research activities, allowing you to deepen your understanding of physics principles and methodologies. By working on research projects, you can gain insight into the scientific process, develop critical thinking skills, and contribute to ongoing scientific investigations. This research experience can be invaluable for graduate school applications or pursuing advanced degrees.

Resume Building

Internships provide valuable additions to your resume. They demonstrate your practical skills, technical knowledge, and ability to apply physics concepts in a professional setting. Having internship experience can make you a more competitive candidate for graduate school, scholarships, awards, and future employment opportunities.

Cool Locations and Fun Activities

Internships can take you to exciting locations and offer unique experiences. Whether it's conducting research in a prestigious laboratory, participating in fieldwork, or collaborating with professionals in different parts of the world and meeting interesting people.

Networking Opportunities

Internships allow you to connect with professionals, including professors, graduate students, and other program participants. Building relationships with these individuals can open doors to future opportunities, such as strong recommendation letters for graduate school applications, mentorship from experienced professionals, and the potential for lasting friendships and professional networks.


Summer internships are paid positions and typically travel expenses and housing are included.

Internship Application Process

  • Explore options: Look below for a list of many internship options. Review the location, type of program, and project to determine which sound interesting to you.
  • Talk to Your Faculty Advisory: Review your options with your faculty advisor and ask for a letter of recommendation.
  • Submit and application: Applications are online and are almost always free. Typically the application includes submitting an essay. Often students apply to 6-10 different sites. Deadlines are typically mid-January through mid-March.

Where to Find an Internships

Faculty can help you connect with these students/young alumni to learn more about the application process and their experience.

This is a list of common places to search for a summer internship experience.