Olin ObservatorySchedule and Forecast

Observatory assisstants doing a candid pose around a Meade LX600 telescope on the observatory platform.

Olin Observatory clear sky chart and astronomy forecast:

Top row: Cloud Cover - the bluer the square by hour, the more clear it is likely to be.

Second row: Transparency - the bluer the square by hour, the less fog/pollution there will likely be.

If you're curious about what will be in the sky tonight, tomorrow, or even next year, go to Stellarium to see what's up! https://stellarium-web.org/ 

Past events

Star Party April 2023

Star Party Oct 2022


Star Party Sept 2022 - Cancelled :(

Star Gayzing After-Prom April 2022

Star Party April 2022


We acknowledge that Gustavus Adolphus College and Olin Observatory are located on the homelands of the Dakota people, whose spiritual traditions include the belief that this land, along with the creatures and people living on it, are their relatives. In spite of a traumatic history that includes forced removal and attempted extermination, Datoka people still live and practice their culture on these homelands today. No one owns the stars; they belong to everyone. 


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