Motor PoolKey Pick Up and Return

Key Pick Up

Keys may be checked out at the Provost's Office (Carlson Administration Building-main floor), Monday through Friday. Key check out hours are posted weekly; please review before coming to pick up keys. Sign-out of keys will be required. 

Bring your vehicle authorization sheet(s) with you to check out keys. Section 1 should be complete and include certified drivers' names. The Motor Pool Specialist will complete Section 2 of the form and issue the key(s). Note: Student groups will need an advisor signature on Section 1 before keys are issued.

Take the form and keys with you to the VEHICLE LOT located close to the Facilities office on campus. Do an inspection/safety check of the vehicle and record mileage prior to leaving the campus on the Authorization Form. (Please use the odometer, not the trip recorder for this number.)

For your convenience, you may park your personal vehicle opposite the campus vehicles for the duration of your trip.

Key Return

Upon return from your trip:

  1. Record the mileage on your 2 part form.
  2. Close all windows and doors, make any other notes from use of vehicle on Section 3 of the form.
  3. Sign the form.
  4. Leave the form on the front seat of the vehicle. A copy will be sent to your department after processing.
  5. Remove ALL personal items and trash from the vehicle.
  6. Lock the vehicle.
  7. Put key in the drop box located in the lot on the pole by the trash can.


On the map below the motor pool parking lot is marked in red and the key drop is marked in yellow. If you zoom out, you can see where it is relative to the tennis bubble and the rest of campus.