Sweden 2013

A new semester program in Sweden was launched in January 2009. This five-month, five-course program takes students to the far north (Jokkmokk, located on the arctic circle), the eastern seaboard (Stockholm), the heartland (Mora and Dalarna), the western seaboard (Göteborg), and the southernmost Swedish provinces. Courses include:

  • Sami culture
  • Swedish/Nordic politics
  • Swedish emigration/immigration
  • Sweden today
  • Science and environmental law

Three of these courses will fulfill Gustavus general education area requirements. In addition, some courses will count towards the Scandinavian Studies major and minor.

Each trip is lead by a Gustavus faculty member. Our previous and upcoming course leaders include:

  • 2009: Roland Thorstensson, Scandinavian Studies
  • 2011: Eric Eliason, English
  • 2013: Leila Brammer, Communication Studies

If you are interested in taking part in this unique study abroad experience or want more information take a look at our brochure or at the direct website for the 2013 trip.

Note: Registration for Sweden-2013 will take place during this academic year, deadline March 1, 2012.