Scott Ickes


Visiting Assistant Professor, Latin America in History

I teach on all aspects of colonial and especially modern Latin American HistoryIn my research, I explore relationships between race, class, culture and regional identity in twentieth-century Brazil. In African Brazilian Culture and Regional Identity in Bahia, Brazil (University of Florida Press, 2013), I examined how African-Brazilian cultural practices – including carnival batucadas, samba and capoeira – became central to regional identity in the northeast state of Bahia. I'm currently working on a book length study of cultural politics in Bahia in the lead up to the military coup of 1964 and the 1960s and an edited interdisciplinary volume of recent research on the historical and contemporary experiences of Afro-Brazilians in Bahia.


PhD University of Maryland, 2003

Courses Taught


HIS-146 (Brazil: Inequality)

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
HIS-160Introduction to Latin America52016/FA, 2015/FA, 2015/SP, and 2014/FA
HIS-361Latin America and the United States22016/FA and 2015/FA
HIS-244ST:Brazil22016/FA and 2015/SP
CUR-110Historical Perspective II22016/SP
HIS-261Colonial Latin America22016/SP and 2014/FA
HIS-107Lat Am Sex/Race/Danger22016/JN and 2015/JN
HIS-344ST:LatAm Race/Sex/Clas12015/SP