Laura F. Lindell


English Learning (EL) Specialist in Academic Support Center

I assist both English learners who are relatively new to the language and multilingual learners, those who have grown up speaking English alongside one or more other languages. I work with some students who are regularly on the Dean's list, as well as many who are still working to get there!

I am here Sunday-Thursday afternoons and evenings.  ** Note: I will not be in on Thursday, April 17th.**

Please call the Academic Support office at X7027 during their business hours (8:00-4:45 Mon-Fri.) to make an advance appointment with me. Appointments are usually 50 minutes but may be extended to 60 minutes if needed.

You may also email me at (especially if it's the weekend and you want a Sunday appointment.) But be aware that I may not look at my email until I get in at 3:00, and that I am unable to respond to email while I'm actively consulting with students. 

You may also drop by my office, 203A in the library,  and I will be happy to work with you if I have open time. Even if I am currently busy, you may write in your name on any open appointment slot for that evening on the small whiteboard outside my office.

My consulting/tutoring hours are usually between 3:15 and 8:00 p.m. Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays (Wednesdays 4:30-7:30.

You’re invited to consult about:

  • Interpreting assignments.

  • Discussing difficult sections of readings.

  • The writing process, perhaps at the planning stage to prepare for further work with Writing Center (WC) tutors, or perhaps to focus on language clarity AFTER you've worked with WC tutors to organize the paper.

  • Remember, your papers are YOUR papers, so please communicate about what you want to work on. I can't provide content for your papers, nor will I proofread papers, although I can make suggestions about word choices and talk with you about patterns of errors that I may notice. If there are some aspects of English grammar you'd like to clarify or practice, please ask.

  • Identifying and expressing ideas and questions to make it easier to participate in class.

  • Practicing presentations, including work on pronunciation. (Note: Gustavus forensics team members are also available to help you practice presentations, Wednesdays 7-9 p.m. in Beck 305.) 

  • Identifying strategies to actively and intentionally keep developing English skills. Invest some time and energy in becoming more fluent as part of your Gustavus education!

  • Dialog journaling (purposeful written conversations to meet your personal language development goals.)

  • Letters to faculty to request test-taking or assignment adjustments related to your language learning. (Professors may choose whether or not to follow the recommendations.) It is important that you have worked with me enough that I will have knowledge of your language strengths and needs.


M.Ed., Second Languages & Cultures, University of Minnesota. B.A., Economics (major) & International Management Studies (minor), Luther College.