Jalean Petricka


Continuing Faculty Assistant Professor in Biology

Jalean grew up in nearby Hutchinson, Minnesota and attended Carleton College earning a B.A. in both biology and mathematics where her senior projects were on phyllotaxy and Archimedean spirals. Jalean loves patterns! She then attended graduate school at Yale University, rotating in the labs of Dr. Vivian Irish, Dr. Timothy Nelson, and Dr. Christine Jacobs. Jalean joined the group of Dr. Timothy Nelson in a Ph. D. project to identify genes regulating Arabidopsis leaf vein patterning. After earning her Ph. D., Jalean completed post-doctoral work at Yale isolating single cells of rice flowers using laser-capture microdissection for RNA profiling as part of a Nelson lab project to generate the rice plant transcriptome. Fascinated by cellular development, ‘omics, and computational biology, Jalean studied as a postdoc at Duke University in the group of Dr. Philip Benfey on projects to determine transcriptional networks underlying asymmetric cell division and to generate a proteomic map of the Arabidopsis thaliana root.

She started her own research lab of 8 students studying the effects of high temperature on Arabidopsis root growth while teaching as a Visiting Faculty at Carleton College. In spring of 2020, Jalean joined the faculty of Gustavus Adolphus where she enjoys teaching and coordinating Cellular and Molecular labs as well as Microbiology labs.

Outside of academics, Jalean enjoys spending time with her husband and three children, many outdoor-type activities including running and hiking, and being active in her faith community singing and serving.


B.A. Carleton College, Ph.D. Yale University


Running, Hiking, Swimming, Singing, Family, and Faith

Courses Taught

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
BIO-218 Microbio Lab 12 2022/SP, 2021/SP, and 2020/SP
BIO-201 Cell Biology Lab 6 2021/FA and 2020/FA
BIO-218 Fundmental Microbio 1 2021/SP
BIO-101 Principles of Biology 1 2020/FA
BIO-102 Organismal Biology Lab 1 2020/SP