Alberto Urquidez


Visiting Assistant Professor in Philosophy

I grew up in Monterey county, California. My academic career has allowed me to travel throughout the United States: (southern) Calilfornia, Indiana, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and, currently, Minnesota. It all began when I fell in love with philosohy during my first college semester. Although it was philosophy of religion that turned me on to philosophy (and, yes, I still have a passion for this area!), my main teaching and research interests are in normative philosophy (ethics, social and political philosophy). I approach philosophical problems from a (later) Wittgensteinian perspective, which I take to mean: from the perspective of the norms implicit in individual and social practice. Specifying these norms, so as to question, defend and criticize their moral status, as well as to (re-)imagine that moral status when necessary, is the stuff of philosophy that interests me most.

I transferred from Hartnell College (a junior college in Salinas, CA) to UCLA, where I completed a B.A. in philosophy. From there I went on to earn graduate degrees at Claremont Graduate University and Purdue University (in philosophy, of course!). 

I'm currently working on a book project in the philosophy of race. For further details about my research, see my academia page:


Ph.D. Philosophy, Purdue University


Travel, Music, Camping, and Chess

Courses Taught

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
PHI-104The Individual and Community32018/SP and 2017/FA
PHI-114Theism & Rationality12018/JN
PHI-147Applied Ethics12017/FA