Amy LagerStaff

Accounting Clerk and Marketing Specialist in Book Mark, and On call in Dining Service

 I love doing anything creative, such as arts and crafts, cooking and fashion.  I am an amazing cook and a very talented artist. I typically paint or do photography. Drawing in 2 point perspective was always my favorite in high school. As a former 4 sport athlete, I love being physically active when I am not being creative. Some of my favorite summer activities include paddle boarding, kayaking, golf and playing sand volleyball with friends. Winter I do more crafts but I do enjoy sledding. I do not ski anymore because I have fallen off a chair lift... twice. I was lucky and it was not far off the ground.  I love to play  board games and card games. My favorite board games are Monopoly and Scrabble. My favorite card games are Hand and Foot, Rummy, Up and Down the River and Spoons. During my time at Saint Ben's I lived in Spain for 6 weeks for a summer term, and I lived in Boise, ID for another summer doing an intense marketing internship for two companies. One of the companies still has me on as head of the marketing team; it has been 6 years since the internship.  I have two cats which bring lots of snuggles and laughter into my life when I am not working.


College of Saint Benedict & Saint John's University

Areas of Expertise

social media marketing, accounting, and business