Student Records

Gustavus accords its students all rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and related state laws, therefore the privacy and confidentiality of all Student records shall be preserved.

This means that parents will NOT receive a copy of their student’s grades from Gustavus.

Gustavus does encourage parents, however, to create a relationship with their student where grades are discussed and shared. Students are welcome to provide parent access to MyGustuvus so parents may view their student’s grades and degree audit at any time.

More information about student records

Official Student academic records, supporting documents, and other Student files shall be maintained only by members of the Institution staff employed for that purpose. Separate files shall be maintained of the following:

  1. Academic records, supporting documents, and general educational records;
  2. Student conduct records;
  3. Counseling and psychiatric records;
  4. Medical records;
  5. Financial aid records;
  6. Placement records.

No information in any file may be released to anyone except with the prior written consent of the Student concerned or as stated below:

  1. Under legal compulsion, by subpoena or other legal process.
  2. Members of the faculty with administrative assignments may have access for internal educational purposes as well as for necessary administrative and statistical purposes.
  3. The following data may be given to any inquirer: periods of enrollment, degrees awarded, honors, major department and fields of study, date of graduation, College addresses and telephone numbers, date of birth, and confirmation of signature.
  4. Consistent with federal law, the College reserves the right to disclose the “final results” of a disciplinary proceeding in which the institution determines that a student perpetrator has committed a crime of violence or non-forcible sex offense.
  5. Consistent with federal law, the College reserves the right to disclose to a parent or guardian information regarding a Student’s violation of any law or institutional policy governing the use or possession of drugs or alcohol.

Student conduct records are maintained in the Dean of Students Office for seven (7) years after a Student’s graduation for auditing purposes only. After a Student graduates from Gustavus, the Dean’s Office stops releasing disciplinary records. Conduct records of Students who leave the College without having graduated shall be maintained and can be released by the Dean of Students Office for seven (7) years. After seven (7) years, all Student disciplinary records are expunged. In all cases in which a Student has been expelled from the College, however, the fact shall become part of the Student’s permanent academic record at the College. 

For a complete listing of policies regarding student records go to the Gustavus Guide