Calculus Placement Exam

Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics

The calculus placement exam is an on-line exam that will help determine the best calculus course for you.

Note that you will NOT be allowed to register for Calculus I (MCS-121) unless you have taken a placement exam! 

Instructions for Taking a Calculus Placement Test

  • Please take this exam by early June for New Student Registration, or for current students, at least one week in advance of speaking with an advisor. 
  • If you encounter technical problems or have questions, you may send an email to a math professor at
  • If you need accommodations for this exam please contact Corrie Odland,, the Accessibility Resources Coordinator. 
  • Before you begin the exam you will be asked a series of questions to determine the placement exam that best fits your situation. 
  • When you finish the test, there will be a final screen that describes your recommended placement in a calculus course. You will also receive an email with the recommendation. This will have a return email titled "Gustavus Math Placement" with an email address of which may be sent to spam by your mail program, so be sure to check for this email. Once you finish the test, the system will block you from re-entry, so make sure to check all of your answers before you submit the test.

Click Here to Take the Placement Exam