4-Person Walleyball Rules

1. Service area is 3 feet from each end of the court.

2. The winner will be the first team to win two games. Game ends at 18 points, must win by 2 points.

3. Coin toss will determine first service or choice of court side. Second game service to other team. Third game, if necessary will need be determined by a second coin toss.

4. Out of bounds is when a ball, while crosing the net, hit the celing, back wall of oponent's side or two walls consecutively on service, volly or block.

5. Celing and back wall on own side is in bounds if own player touches it.

6. Server can not spike or block.

7. Each team will play with 4 players on the court.

8. Blocker can reach over the net to block, providing the other team has made it's third contact of the ball.

9. Contacting two or more walls is allowed only by the team in possession of the ball on their own side. The ball must also be touched by another player before going over on a multiple wall hit.

10. Teams will referee thier own games.

11. If a team does not appear within 10 minutes of the schedules time, they must forfeit.

12. The ranking for the post-season tournament will go as follows:

1. win- loss record
2. team with least forfeits
3. head to head competition between tied teams
4. record against those above the tied teams
5. record against # 1 seed
6. coin toss