Interdisciplinary Studies, Karen A. Larson

Karen A. Larson

Professor of Anthropology and Interdisciplinary Studies

Faculty Secretary and Parliamentarian

Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley, 1978

(507) 933-7424, (507) 933-7041 fax


Interdisciplinary study at Gustavus is designed to nurture a holistic approach to the study of topics of concern to more than one of our traditional academic disciplines. This may involve interdisciplinary programs and/or interdisciplinary courses.

Interdisciplinary courses draw linkages beyond their disciplines, and often involve experiential learning, international study, service-learning, and undergraduate research. Interdisciplinary majors and/or minors are offered in Criminal Justice, Environmental Studies, Japanese Studies, Latin American, Latino, and Carribbean Studies, Peace Studies, Russian Studies, and Women's Studies.

Interdisciplinary courses based in anthropology include courses on culture and culture change, American culture, indigenous society, martial arts, and terrorism. Independent study and interdisciplinary individualized distributive majors are available.


American culture and terrorism

Culture and Terror

book cover


news release

Saami ethnopolitics in Norway

Berry Picking and Science:

Research Resources and

Cultural Subsistence

in the Arctic Circle

Tourism and "insular" culture

in Key West, Florida

Terrorized by Tourism: Cultural

Integrity and Performance


Dakota language course and cultural events

Raymond College alumni curricular initiatives