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HERC Webinar: "Demystifying the H-1B Visa Process: What Higher Education Supervisors Need to Know”

July 16

The Office of the Provost invites you to join us for this Webinar. Please also feel free to share with any interested staff in your office.

Foreign Nationals in H-1B status are increasingly common in our research labs and university classrooms, but the petition process and employment requirements remain poorly understood. In this webinar, we will cover all aspects of H-1B employment, from selection and sponsorship, to renewals, and eventual termination or consideration for permanent residency.

Presenter: Ann Pino is the Manager of Employment at the University of Houston. Her duties include oversight of immigration hiring and onboarding, including the I-9 process and H-1B compensation review. She is the HR liaison to International Student and Scholar Services and to the Immigration Specialist in the Office of the General Counsel. She has twice served as the Interim Immigration Specialist with responsibility for the H-1B process for all components of the University of Houston system, and she has led recent efforts to improve the H-1B process at the University of Houston Main Campus. Ann is the founding Director of South-Central-Gulf Texas Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (SCGTX-HERC) and she holds a M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration.

Upcoming events
Date Event
Jul 16 noon to 1 pm HERC Webinar: "Demystifying the H-1B Visa Process: What Higher Education Supervisors Need to Know” Hall 121
Sep 3 9 am to 1:30 pm Faculty Meeting Hall
Oct 2 2:304:30 pm Faculty Meeting Hall
Oct 30 2:304:30 pm Faculty Meeting Hall
Nov 20 2:304:30 pm Faculty Meeting Hall
Dec 16 10:30 am to noon Faculty Meeting Hall
Feb 26, 2016 2:304:30 pm Faculty Meeting Hall
Mar 18, 2016 2:304:30 pm Faculty Meeting Hall
Apr 29, 2016 2:304:30 pm Faculty Meeting Hall
May 7, 2016 Honors Day Campus
Past events
Date Event
Jun 24 1:303 pm "What are the (Digital) Humanities?" by Dr. David Staley 101
Jun 11 noon to 1 pm HERC Webinar: "The Diversity Advantage: Incorporating Diversity Principles into the Search Committee Process” Hall 121
May 27 9:30 am to noon Darrin Good Farewell Open House of the Provost
May 23 9:30 am to noon Visiting Danish Scholars Introduce Grundtvig: Leading Light of the "Happy Danes” Room, Campus Center
May 21 45 pm Liberal Arts Search Representative (LASR) Training, Campus Center
10:30 am to 12:30 pm Faculty Meeting Hall
May 20 45:30 pm Russian Tea Beta Kappa Room Vickner Hall
May 18 6:307:30 pm Annual George Hall Lecture, "Liberal Arts, Religion, and a Life Well-Lived"'s Dining Room
May 14 910 am Provost's Listening Post Campus Center - Upper Level Tables
May 7 78:30 pm The Bible in Politics: Moral Compass or Conversation Stopper, by Paul D. Hanson '61 127