Department Mission

Because human health and development is multi-dimensional, programs within the Department of Health and Exercise Science represent a vital component in a quality liberal arts education.  The intellect, moral reasoning, spiritual health, an appreciation of the aesthetic, and physical, emotional, and social development are equally important.  Although many departments contribute to the intellectual and moral development of the student, opportunities for aesthetic, physical, emotional, and social growth are less universal.  The department of Health and Exercise Science provides unique opportunities for students.  They improve self-confidence and learn about personal health and lifetime activity by participating in the general education program. Managing stress, working effectively with peers, assessing lifestyle behaviors, setting appropriate health goals, and appreciating the pure joy of movement and activity contribute in unique and important ways to the personal health of students and to the quality of their liberal arts education.

Within the majors program, courses deal with values, ethics, critical thinking, and sensitivity to others and to the environment.  Students are encouraged to study abroad, conduct and present the results of research at scholarly conferences, participate in service activities within the community, and think critically about issues which affect human health and wellness.   

Department Goals

  • Provide a majors program which effectively prepares students for a career within the discipline and for graduate study.
  • Facilitate student-faculty research and provide mentoring to students who apply for graduate school admission.
  • Integrate liberal learning skills including reading, writing, speaking, appreciation of diversity, commitment to service, and critical thinking within the majors program.
  • Facilitate exploration of personal and professional values and enable students to recognize the importance of lifelong learning and fitness.
  • Provide students interested in coaching with a sound foundation of knowledge and skills that enhance the athletic experience for all student-athletes.
  • Provide a quality general education program that includes opportunities for students to enhance personal fitness and health through acquisition of knowledge and skills needed to establish a lifestyle that promotes health and prevents disease.