Department Mission

The vision of the Health and Exercise Science department is to be a premier educational destination in the areas of health and wellbeing. Through a dedicated faculty, innovative academic programming, and experiential learning, students will be empowered to be engaged in the wider community and improve quality of life for themselves and others.

The mission of the Health and Exercise Science Department is to provide educational opportunities in theory, practice, scholarship, and service pertaining to health-related fields, wellbeing, and sport. Through diverse curricular offerings and general education experiences, the department provides members of the Gustavus community with opportunities to enhance their personal wellbeing and become leaders in their professions, while embodying the core values of Gustavus – excellence, community, justice, service, and faith. 

Students studying in the Health and Exercise Science department will be able to:

  1. Analyze concepts and challenges that affect personal and/or community wellbeing and health
  2. Examine discipline-related concepts utilizing ethical, moral, spiritual and/or philosophical frameworks
  3. Utilize discipline-specific knowledge, skills, and/or abilities in service to the community
  4. Communicate effectively in written, spoken, and creative expression with a variety of audience in areas important to discipline-related fields.