Mission Statement

The Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies program at Gustavus Adolphus College seeks to draw connections among areas of scholarship--such as feminist studies, gender studies, and queer studies--that highlight gender as a category of analysis. We seek to help students develop an understanding of the protean nature of gender and how it is shaped and mediated by aspects of social identity such as race, class, sexual orientation, and ability.

The inter-departmental Gender Women and Sexuality Studies major and minor engage students in a participatory educational process. Through both course content and teaching methods, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies courses provide a rich base of theory and knowledge in the sciences and the arts, literature and culture, politics and history. Our courses provide students with a greater awareness of the historical and contemporary accomplishments and contributions made by women, GLBTQ-identified individuals and groups, and people aligned with feminist missions and values. The program especially seeks to encourage students to explore, both in theory and practice, relationships between self and society that promote social justice and gender equity.

As a feminist project, the Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies program applies theories of oppression and activism to create systemic change both on campus and in the larger social world. To that end, the program and its students support campus events and organizations that foster a deeper understanding of women's studies and gender-based analysis. Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies students put feminist theory into practice through their involvement with campus and community organizations.