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Peer Education

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Peer Assistant Workshops

Peer Led Programs: offered Monday-Friday, 8am-4:45pm, without an appointment!

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Thrive in 5 is a brief interaction, created specifically for first-year Gusties, to help them successfully navigate life as a college student. 

"Thrive in 5" is facilitated by the Peer Assistants (trained and certified Peer Educators) as a guided conversation to:

  • Share the stages of culture shock, allowing them to reflect on where they're at and prepare for future shifts

  • Identify and reflect on the personal ways in which stress presents itself for them

  • Discuss resilience-based strategies and set a plan to navigate stress

  • Share supportive campus resources and opportunities to build connections at Gustavus

We offer this program Monday-Friday, 8am-4:45pm, without an appointment.


Sophomore Stride is a one-on-one guided conversation for delving into some of the most common stressors and obstacles Gusties face during their second-year. PAs will focus about topics that participants self-identify with, such as:

  • Refining your major

  • Identity & self differentiation

  • Getting involved on campus

  •  Imposter syndrome

  • Glorifying busyness

  • Resiliency techniques


Project 21 was developed in 2018 to help students transition into legal drinking age with the skills and harm-reduction strategies to reduce negative consequences stemming from excessive alcohol use. Students receive an email invitation the week leading into their 21st birthday, and talk through a positive plan for a safe, successful celebration and beyond. 

Bystander Intervention



Click Here to Participate in the 100 Hour Challenge

The 100-Hour Challenge is a campus-wide initiative to promote healthy choices surrounding alcohol. 
By taking the pledge to either avoid binge-drinking OR alcohol use in general, this is an opportunity to step back and reflect on a relationship that could otherwise go unchecked, but also to support and affirm those who already live by this choice.

The challenge begins at noon on Wednesday, February 9th and goes through Sunday, February 13th at 4pm. 
Scheduled events include: LineUS, Giftcard BINGO, WOW Zone Night, Rollerskating SNL, and MORE. Plus, giveaways and tons of FREE FOOD!