Poly Blackwire 3325

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A headset with earphones and microphone that would connect to your laptop via a USB cable. This option would allow you to simultaneously provide clear audio to your classroom and any remote students who are connected with Zoom or Google Meet. The earphones would also ensure that remote conversations are clearly heard by the instructor. A headset would be a great choice for those wanting to record lectures, screencasts, and Powerpoint presentations to post in Moodle.



  • Great to minimize distractions
  • High quality audio
  • Aids interaction between instructor and remote students
  • Great option for recording lectures, screencasts, etc.
  • Easy to set up and operate


  • Limited usefulness in a face-to-face only setting



To select the Poly Blackwire 3325 as your mic/speaker, please go to System Preferences and then to the Sound menu. System Preferences is located in the Apple Menu in the upper left hand corner on your screen. Poly3325mac.pngPoly3325macout.png

Windows 10

To select the Poly Blackwire 3325 as your mic/speaker, please go to the Sound Settings menu, by clicking the Windows key, and typing Sound Settings, and press enter. Select Headset Earphone (Poly Plackwire 3...) and Headset Microphone (Poly Blackwire...) for your output and input devices, respectively. Polyblackwin.PNG


While in Zoom, please visit your settings menu and click the audio menu. You will need to choose the Poly Blackwire 3325 for both speaker and mic if not already selected. Poly3325zoom.png

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