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Give to Gustavus Day

Schedule of Events

8:00 a.m.
Welcome to Give to Gustavus Day!
Angela Erickson ’01, Tim Kennedy ’83, Tom Young ’88, and President Bergman
8:20 a.m.
Catching Up with our Roving Reporter
Tane Danger ’07
8:40 a.m.
A New and Improved Nobel Hall of Science
Julie Bartley and Alec Miller
9:00 a.m.
A Memorable Start: Cardboard Boxes and Sounds of Revolution in First Term Seminar
Richard Leitch and Michael Jorgenson
9:20 a.m.
At the Intersection of Science and Society: The Nobel Conference
Lisa Heldke ‘82
9:40 a.m.
A Commitment to Greater Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Gustavus
Alisa Rosenthal
10:00 a.m.
Christmas in Christ Chapel and Employee Giving: ‘Tis the Season
Greg Aune and Barb Larson Taylor ‘93
10:20 a.m.
Committed to Sustainability: Environmental Action Coalition
Rachel Belvedere ‘20, Bri Jol ’20, and Adam Bogen ‘19
10:40 a.m.
Student Life at Gustavus
JoNes Van Hecke ’88 and Megan Ruble
11:00 a.m.
Give to Gustavus Day: 50 State Challenge and Other Updates
Angela, Tim, Tom, and President Bergman
11:20 a.m.
SUPERFANS! – The Hill Crew
Torrie Aycock ‘19, Matt Hastings ’19, and Skylar Abrego ‘20
11:40 a.m.
Reminisce, Relive, Remember: Gustavus Reunion Weekend
Scott Anderson ’89 and Owen Sammelson ’58
12:00 p.m.
Much More than Textbooks: Book Mark Update and Fashion Show
Book Mark Campus Bookstore Staff
12:20 p.m.
Fascinating Fun with Physics!
Chuck Niederriter, Darsa Donnelan, Daniel Nold ’19, Hannah Nolte ’19, Dalton Myers ’19, Robert Nelson ’19, Nick Brazel ’19, Karl Satterlund ’19, Vatsala Adile ’20, Shelby Klomp ’20, Erin Moes ’19, and Kristen Cash ’20
12:40 p.m.
Greek Life at Gustavus Today
Emily Wagner ‘19, Adam Bakken ‘19, Mallory Butchko ’19, and Kam Schaefer ‘19
1:00 p.m.
An Update from the Board of Trustees
Scott Anderson ‘89
1:20 p.m.
Music at Gustavus
Ruth Lin, Greg Aune and James Patrick Miller
1:40 p.m.
Updates from the Student Senate
Ehsan Ali Asghar ‘19 and Kylie Lamberty ‘19
2:00 p.m.
We’re Halfway There!
Angela, Tim, Tom, and President Bergman
2:20 p.m.
Updates from the Office of the Provost
Micah Maatman and Mary McHugh
2:40 p.m.
The Art and Science of Recruiting Gusties
Rich Aune ’81 and Kirk Carlson ‘95
3:00 p.m.
Career Development: Exciting Growth and Opportunity for Students and Alumni
Jason Pruitt
3:20 p.m.
Gustavus Women in Leadership
Ella Johnson ’20, Sam Harbeck ’19, Lilly Hartman ’19, Ellie Brandt ’19, and Kristie Tunheim ’19
3:40 p.m.
The Festival of St. Lucia: Pass the Lutefisk!
Nicole Willis ‘20, Joyce Amakoue ‘20, Sarah Anderson ‘20, Greta Dupslaff ‘20, Carly Miller ’20, and Joy Dunna ‘20
4:00 p.m.
Gustavus Jazz Performance and Updates
Dave Stamps, Matt Guilette ’20, Matt Pham ’19, Greg Norton ’21, Austyn Menk ’20, Andy DeLuca ’19, and Ian Bachmayer ’19
4:20 p.m.
Golden Gustie Athletics Update
Tom Brown H’12
4:40 p.m.
Promoting Ecosystem Conservation: MN River Valley Biosphere Reserve Conference
Alexis Sienczak ’19
5:00 p.m.
Rounding Third: Updates on the Day
Angela, Tim, and Tom
5:20 p.m.
MAYDAY! Conference
Mimi Gerstbauer
5:40 p.m.
Tossing in a Bit of Fun: Juggling Club Demonstration
Tim Benson ’19, Josh Maxson ’19, Peter Varanasi ’19, and Nick Zermeno ’20
6:00 p.m.
Once in a Lifetime: A Gustie Rouser Showdown
Greg Aune, James Patrick Miller, and members of the Gustavus Choir and Gustavus Wind Orchestra
6:20 p.m.
Life of a Student Athlete Podcast
Skylar Abrego ‘20, Colton Schmidt ’19, and Axel Hallin ’20
6:40 p.m.
Quick Feet: Gustavus Swing Dance Club
Chris Schneider ‘19 and the Swing Dance Club
7:00 p.m.
Faith at Gustavus
Siri Erickson
7:20 p.m.
A Capella, Gustie Style: leGACy Live!
Garrett Meier ’19, Maddy Smerillo ’21, Abby Carsten ’21, Izzy Lamarca ’22, Alexis Fleming ’22, Carrie Bather ’21, Duncan Matthew ’19, Erik Knutsen ’19, Holly Fitterer ’21, Jack Fischer ’20, James Santiago ’20, Nathan Thompson ’21, Nicole Waskosky ’19, Peter Neuman ’22, and Ryan Huxford ’20
7:40 p.m.
Give to Gustavus Day Wrap-Up
Angela, Tim, Tom, and President Bergman
8:00 p.m.
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