Challenge Fund Donors

Give to Gustavus Day

Gustie Gratitude Knows No Bounds | All of Us for All of Gustavus

The 2022 Give to Gustavus Day Challenge Funds are made possible by generous alumni, parents, and friends of the College. We are deeply grateful for these exceptionally generous gifts that allow the Gustavus Fund to daily benefit our students, faculty, and community. You can make your Give to Gustavus Day gift here.

Gustavus Board of Trustees Challenge Donors:

Scott Anderson '89 and Kari Swanson Anderson '92
Catherine Asta '75 and Richard Black '75
Grayce Belvedere-Young and Dan Young
President Rebecca Bergman and Dr. Thomas Bergman
Suzanne Boda '82 and George Grindahl
Bob Brown '83 and Julie Olson Brown '83
Kara Buckner '97
Mike Bussey '69 and Marcia Bomgren Bussey '71
Janette Concepcion and Erwin Concepcion
Tane Danger ’07
Ed Drenttel '81 and Sandra Drenttel
Bruce Edwards '77 and Susan Gustafson Edwards '78
John Hallberg '79 and Renee Hallberg
John Harris '92 and Tondra Harris
Mary Dee Johnson Hicks '75 and George Hicks '75
Alicia Blomquist Hilding '08 and Ben Hilding '09
John Himle '77 and Karen Himle
Marcia Page '82 and John Huepenbecker '80
Keith Jackson '89 and Heidi Jackson
Peter Johnson '92 and Michele Kewitsch Johnson '91
Paul Koch '87 and Michelle Koch
Nicole LaVoi '91 and Kristen Edsall
Denny Lind '72 and Jeanne Anderson Lind '74
Jan Lindman and Ulrika Lindman
David Lose and Karin Lose
Mikka McCracken '09 and Jake Marshall
Jan Ledin Michaletz '74 and Russ Michaletz '74
Tom Mielke '80 and Vicki Anderson Mielke '82
Brad Nuss '97 and Rebecca Nuss
Dee Pederson
Dan Poffenberger '82 and Gretchen Poffenberger
Karl Self '81 and Sue Ruchotzke Self '81
Kent Stone '80
Heather Teune Wigdahl '95 and Matthew Wigdahl

Additional Challenge Donors: 

Anonymous x2
Brett Aamot '82 and Kathy Aamot
Erik Lundquist '88 and Sue Astrup Lundquist '84
Bonnie Borchert Ballard '65 and Lee Ballard
John Bergstrom '82
Jennifer Carroll Bigelow '98 and Scott Bigelow
Logan Boese '16
Evelyn Bonander '59
Harry Carlson '51 and Cindy Timmons Carlson
Tim Carter '89 and Sally Wahman '89
Barb Seeley Devlin '69 and John Devlin
Amy Dragland-Johnson '97 and Christopher Johnson
Gregg Duncan '73 and Betsy Lee Duncan '73
Doug Dunn '76 and Linda Dunn
Chris Edelbrock '09 and Erin Koppang Edelbrock '09
Jann Eichlersmith '85 and Brice Eichlersmith
Marilyn Hempftling Falksen '68 and David Falksen
Pat Ecklund Fick '61 and Herb Fick
Patrick Fischer '97
Bob Gazzola '83 and Alecia Tromiczak Gazzola '98
David Gordon '93 and April Gordon
Teresa Harland '94
Eric Hedlund '81 and Julie Ellwein Hedlund '80
Erik Hendrikson '94 and Leah Hendrikson
Mark Henneman '83 and Terri DeGiusti Henneman '83
Karen Kruse Knoll '65 and Robert Knoll
Don Kunelius '72 and Sue Thompson Kunelius '74
Brenda Froberg Legred '82 and Joel Legred
Nancy Carlson McCoy '89
Kari Petrasek Merz '99 and Mark Merz
Carole Swanson Minor '57 and Robert Minor
Julie Nelson Neyhart '61
Jack Niemi '68 and Ruth Johns Niemi '69
Bob Olson and Sue Olson
Barbara Pohlman '77
Bill Rill '59 and Avis Baldwin Rill '59
Dave Spilseth '67 and Patricia Spilseth
Jon and Anita Thomsen Young '77
Karen Langsjoen Zins '67

Gustavus Alumni Association Board of Directors: 

J.C. Anderson '82 and Lori Rutter Anderson '81
Rick Barbari '91 and Lisa Olson Barbari '91
Melinda Moen Batz '86 and Paul Batz '85
Mark Bergman '79 and Debbie Erickson Bergman '80
Mary Booker '91
Sarah Schueffner Borgendale '06 and Kevin Borgendale '07 
Jen Brandenburg '02
Jon Brunsberg '79 and Jacque Schwartz Brunsberg '81
Tim Donoughue '91 and Katrina Johnson Donoughue '90
Torin Dougherty '16
Bruce Ensrud '90 and Nicole Davis Ensrud '92
Rebecca Wold Freeman '98 and Sedge Freeman '98
Jillian Hiscock '05 and Megan Slater
Amy Zenk James '94 and Cameron James '94
Bill Laumann '66 and Robin Laumann
Jessica Martinez '15
Katherine Medbery-Oleson '02 and Timothy Oleson
Anne Miller '90
John Moorhead '68
Jace Riggin '16
Deb Johnson Rosenberg '79 and Bob Rosenberg
Mary Anderson Rothfusz '83 and Craig Rothfusz
Alissa Fahrenz Rowley '13 and Coby Rowley '13
Mark Scharmer '77 and Meg Scharmer
Marcia Stephens '73 and Jeffrey Rundgren
Matt Swenson '06 and Sara Swenson
April Valentine '97 and John Pilcher
Lucy Nelson Zanders '77 and Otis Zanders '77