What year are you in school?

Sophomore 2014

What Fellowship did you get and what does it involve?

I received an Undergraduate Study Scholarship from the Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD)/German Academic Exchange Service. I intend to pursue a career in environmental studies focusing on environmental policy. The ability to study in Freiburg with the support of the DAAD is an amazing educational opportunity and life experience.”

How has Gustavus prepared you for this experience?

I am so thankful for the professors at Gustavus. Every professor cares about me as a person and is so willing to help me grow and learn. I am especially thankful for Professor Anna Versluis (Geography) and Professor Alisa Rosenthal (Political Science),” Wika said. “Anna has encouraged my interest in environmental studies and has been an unwavering source of support. Alisa provides insightful guidance and has helped give me the confidence to pursue opportunities I would have never previously considered.