What year are you in school? Junior

What Fellowship did you get and what does it involve?
I received the International
Institute for Public Policy Fellowship. It involves multiple paid "summer institutes",
funding for study abroad, an internship component, and up to 15,000 dollars towards a
graduate school of my choice.

What motivated you to apply for a Fellowship?
.....Alisa Rosenthal

What was the hardest part of the Fellowship application process?
Deciding to apply for it was stressful. Figuring out what I wanted to write my essays on
was worrying. The multiple "first" drafts I had to write for each essay was taxing. The
phone interview was nerve-racking and traumatic. The process overall was tense, and
hectic, and demanding...but you get through it.

What was the most rewarding part of the Fellowship applying process? I got a lot out of
the overall experience. Learning how to apply to such large program and manage all of the
small details that go into the application process was really beneficial for me. Of
course, finding out that I had got in to the program was a pretty rewarding experience

Do you have any advice for people applying?
You may be hesitant to apply because you think you wont get it --Don't let that be your
reasoning for not applying. You may be overwhelmed by the application process but don't give up on it.

Sophomore Jasmine Receives Prestigious Fellowship