Gustavus Shared Governance Principles

Versions to date

A Shared Governance website now contains the endorsed version of the Shared Governance Principles document. Leading up to its endorsement, the Shared Governance Working Group released the following drafts, listed from oldest to newest.

  • SharedGovernanceDRAFT201405212130 – This draft was released on May 21, 2014, with a request for comments. That request was repeated several times leading up to an open discussion on October 10, 2014.
  • SharedGovernance201410131500 – This draft was released on October 13, 2014, and included changes responding to the comments received by email and at the October 10th meeting. The Working Group submitted this version for endorsement by the Board, Faculty, and Administration of Gustavus Adolphus College, although that submission was subsequently superseded.
  • SharedGovernanceOctober22.pdf – This draft was released on October 22, 2014, because some additional comments were received that the Working Group wished to take into account. The Working Group updated its request for endorsement to reference this version. At its October 24th meeting, the Faculty Senate voted to recommend endorsement by the Faculty. However, the Senate discussion leading to that vote pointed out a possibility for further improvement, and the Working Group continued to receive suggestions from other sources as well. Therefore, both the Cabinet, at its October 28th meeting, and the Faculty, at its November 14th meeting, opted not to vote on endorsement of the October 22nd draft so as to allow more time for the Working Group.
  • Shared Governance - November 2014 – This draft was released on November 19, 2014. The primary change was in the Mission and Vision section; the only other change was some editing of the Academic Excellence section to flow more smoothly from the revised Mission and Vision section. At its November 21st meeting, the Faculty Senate updated its recommendation of Faculty endorsement to refer to this version. Votes for endorsement followed at the December 12th Faculty meeting, December 16th Cabinet meeting, and January 23rd, 2015, Board meeting.