Summary of Themes

Today we want to talk about three essential claims in our mission statement, we provide a liberal arts education of recognized academic excellence; we are a church-related college that nurtures a mature understanding of the Christian faith, and we prepare students for lives of leadership and service.

How do you see yourself contributing to the fulfillment of those claims?

  • Majority of participants see themselves fulfilling their roles in providing both a liberal arts education of recognized academic excellence and preparing students for lives of leadership and service.
  • Minority of participants see their role as part of nurturing a mature understanding of the Christian faith, however, there was a consensus that many opportunities are available for students and employees to nurture their Christian faith.
  • All three are achieved by direct (classrooms, extra-curricular activities) and in-direct (community members setting good examples, availability of opportunities to participate) methods.
  • Strong support for the openness/freedom to explore Christian faith rather than having it "shoved down your throat".

What are the College's strengths and weaknesses in living up to those claims? Specifically, what are current areas of excellence and where is there potential for greater excellence? (Listed in order of number of responses)


  • Academic rigor & excellence
  • Opportunities to participate and excel (academic & extra-curricular)
    • ServicelLeadership
  • Community/People
  • Study Abroad Program
  • Faculty involvement/Faculty
  • Diversity (religious, geographic, ethnic)
  • Communication
  • Lack of clarity in defining church-college relationship
  • Funding/Resources/Endowment
  • Faculty involvement/Faculty

What's your picture of the Gustavus of the future and what will you be able to contribute to that picture?

  • Increased diversity
  • Increased funding/resources/endowment
  • Increased Alumni support and connections (not $)
  • Improved marketing to be recognized nationally for our academic excellence, opportunities, community and reputation
  • Clearly define our relationship with "the church"
  • Maintain/Improve "sense of community" "Gustie spirit" (cherish, passion, pride)
  • Establish stronger connection between the City of Saint Peter and Gustavus

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