Community Conversation

Progress Following the 2003 Community Conversation

Identified Priorities
*Residence Halls Built Southwest Hall
Renovated bathrooms in Norelius Hall
Installed fire sprinklers in multiple halls
*Financial Aid Initiated Presidential Scholarship competition
Shifted focus to more need-based financial aid
*Diversity Developed policy on non-sexual harassment (in review)
Increased diversity campus programming
Formed student diversity leadership council
Established Diversity Task Force/Presidential Advisory Committee
Increased minority enrollment and faculty diversity
Exercise/Equipment Space Expanded Lund exercise equipment/space
*Technology Installed wireless capabilities
Dining Service Options Added food choices (vegan)
Continued emphasis on healthy dining options
Safety and Security Paved pathway and lights through Arboretum to Arbor View
Improved lighting throughout campus exterior
Priorities for next 5-10 years
*Maintain/Improve Quality Academics Established Academic Planning Committee
Added neuroscience minor
Implemented new General Education requirements
Created studio space for senior art majors
*Hire/Retain Quality Faculty Added four faculty positions
Secured initial funding for faculty development
*Better Use of Resources Eliminated/reallocated positions
Revamped investment and budget process
Update Academic Buildings Renovated Old Main
Built Mattson Hall
Initiated planning for new Social Science Building/renovation of Anderson Social Science
Air conditioned Christ Chapel and Fine Arts buildings
Programs, services or activities to strengthen:
*Wind Power Completed analysis and engaged a developer
*Salaries #1 priority in 2005-06 budget
Study Abroad Options/Opportunities Significantly increased study abroad operating budget

*Item mentioned in response to multiple questions