J-Term, Semester and Other Opportunities

GWIL Business Boot Camp

Join us for three fantastic days of company engagement, endless career options and daily in depth access to Gustie alums who want to connect with students of all majors. Held at locations across the Twin Cities, possible company visits include Thomson Reuters, Prime Therapeutics, ICF Olson, Gravie, Kipsu, BoomLab, Varde, Target and Ameriprise. This annual program occurs prior to the start of spring semester with the 2019 session taking place February 4th - 6th. Learn more about Business Boot Camp here.


January Career Exploration

Gustavus students must take at least two J-Term courses throughout their 4 years. One of the many opportunities is to do a Career Exploration. Students are able to seek out an opportunity to see a career first hand during the month of January. 

General requirements for academic credit:

  • Students must meet at the career site at least 30 hours a week for the four weeks during J-Term
  • They may be doing work, but it is also acceptable if they are job shadowing
  • Additional assignments include updating their resumé and conducting informational interviews

Gusties Connect! J-Term courses in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

We offer a unique, direct link between students and alumni with a study away J-Term course. Students connect with an alumni group somewhere in the United States to explore alumni owned and operated businesses, challenge ideas about how to creatively solve complex issues, and work on a substantial business project with an organization. Alumni host students for events, receptions and one-on-one networking opportunities.

  • January 2016 - Las Vegas
  • January 2017 - Seattle
  • January 2018 - Upper Midwest 
  • January 2019 - Not offered 
  • January 2020 - To be announced!

If you have questions, contact Kathy Lund Dean or learn more about the opportunity here.


Philosophy, Politics and Economics Workshop

The PPE Workship was established to broaden students' understanding of ideas central to individual liberty, economic growth and technological innovation. Click here to see more about the upcoming and past events. If you have suggestions for future events, questions, or would like to learn more, contact Marta Podemska-Mikluch


Hong Kong Travel Program

The nature of this independent study is to provide an opportunity to learn about international business and global financial market and experience in Hong Kong, the banking center for Asia. Charlie Kelley, a 1975 graduate of Gustavus, expresses his perspectives of sponsoring this independent study in hoping to change the lives of students for the better with this opportunity, thinking it will get them out of their Minnesota bubble, and helping them learn about the investments field, due to the uniqueness of Hong Kong and China’s importance in the financial world.

Once selected during the fall semester, the students will meet monthly with Charlie Kelley to get oriented to his background in investments at Compass Capital in downtown Minneapolis. The following January prior to the departure to Hong Kong, the students will conduct research writing a 15-20 page research paper on their findings about the objectives of the independent study. By April 1, approximately 2 months after the trip to Hong Kong, the students will deliver a 30 minute presentation summarizing their ORID Reflection data to Charlie, Jim Rothschiller, faculty of the Economics and Management Department, and the students from the Gustavus Finance Club.


India Travel Program (discontinued)

Co-sponsored by Concordia College and Gustavus Adolphus College, this unique program provides the opportunity for globally-minded students to explore in theory and practice the two main models and sectors of global business in India: social entrepreneurship of NGOs and corporate market capitalism of transnational companies.

India is one of the world’s most dynamic and diverse societies. In the post-colonial era, India has grown to become the 10th largest economy with 1.2 billion citizens. While the country has one of the fastest growing economies, it also suffers from entrenched poverty, illiteracy, environmental degradation, corruption, poor infrastructure, and a rigid caste system. New global market capitalism has created immense new wealth. India now ranks 4th in number of billionaires. Yet it continues to be third tier in human development, ranking 134th among 186 nations, with a per capita GDP of just $1,400 a year.

Through their internships, students will learn about and make contributions to:

  • Small, collective business that use entrepreneurial principles to create economic opportunity and positive social change such as women’s empowerment, micro-financing, and sustainable rural community.
  • Large corporate businesses that use market principles to create economic opportunity and positive social change such as new wealth and expanded access to quality goods and services.