Majors & Minor

Our mission in Management is to help all Gustavus Students with the ROI of their college education. In addition to a vibrant, flexible, experiential major, we offer tracks to help students dig deeper into their own passions and interests. A minor in Management augments any major to help equip students to enter the world with confidence. Our primary tracks include:

 Organizational Leadership - understanding behavior, conflict, operations and human capital

 Global Leadership - focused on the international inter-connectedness of corporations

 Marketing - with emphasis on digital marketing and the importance of research and data

 Entrepreneurial Studies - learn what it takes to run a business 

Our goal is to help equip all Gustavus students, no matter their major, to contribute to the economy by providing them with access to courses that help connect their passion/major with vocations that will benefit from hiring a liberal arts graduate.

management catalog 2019-20 v. 2020-21


E/M-108 (Principles of Microeconomics) is a prerequisite for further work in the department unless the student receives approval of an alternate from the department chairperson.

Management Majors

This section lists the requirements of the Management majors. A grade of C- or higher is required for each course counted toward the major and a departmental GPA of 2.33 or higher is required for all departmental courses counted toward the majors. January Interim courses are not counted toward any major in the department. The specific requirements are as follows. See the updated Management catalog page at for more.

Management Updated CatalogUpdated Management Catalog

Management Minor

The Management minor is available with prior approval by the student’s departmental advisor and the department chair to students not majoring in the department. A grade of C– or higher is required in each of the courses in the minor, along with an overall GPA of 2.333 for the minor. All Management courses must be taken at Gustavus to apply toward this minor. The requirements are:

  1. All four of the following are required.
    1. E/M-160 Intro to Management
    2. E/M-125 Statistics for Economics and Management 
    3. E/M-108 Principles of Microeconomics or E/M-110 Financial Accounting
    4. E/M-261 Organizational Behavior
    5. Two additional Management 200- or 300-level courses approved by the department chair