2017 Art Contest Entries

Below you will find digital representations of each piece, along with the title, artist name, medium(s), and description. Note that the look and feel of the digital representations vary from the actual physical pieces submitted to the contest.

A Glimpse of Chinese Art

First PrizeA Glimpse of Chinese Art
Huìyìn (BingBing) Zhang
Pen and Sharpie on Paper

Besides of being known as the favorite food for adorable pandas, Bamboo has long history in Chinese culture. Ancient Chinese used bamboo for transportation, writing, housing, and instrument (musical). Bamboo has the symbol for integrity, loyalty, virtue and modesty. Many poets and artists were inspired by the beauty of bamboo. Everything from the drawing includes a piece thatrepresent Chinese cultural art. The reason why I also drew a branch of plum blossom on the top right corner is because together with chyrsanthemum and orchid, bamboo and plum blossom are known as the "four nobles" plants by ancient Chinese. And because it symbolize as the value of endurance, a value me or everybody else would cherish in times of stress like the finals week.
(I also put my last name initial in Chinese character in the form of Chinese name stamp at the right bottom corner to make it look bit fancy and traditional)