Technology & Language Specialist

Application for Work-Study* Employment

Technology and Language Specialists

As a Technology and Language Specialist you will support the use of technology for language learning and other contexts, run day-to-day operations of the Center, and participate in various initiatives to support and encourage the use and acquisition of languages.


  • Develop technology skills through a certification process and on-the job experience.
  • Work on projects and/or initiatives related to language learning and culture.
  • Receive $9.50/hour in compensation (standard rate).
  • Gain valuable experience for your résumé and future employment.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Hard working, honest, and reliable.
  • Exemplary communication and customer service skills.
  • Fluency in English and one or more of the following languages: American Sign Language (ASL), Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Russian, or Spanish. Fluency in other languages may be considered.
  • Comfortable using and supporting Mac computers, a variety of software applications, and other technologies.
  • Ability to work quickly and effectively with little direct supervision.

Duties and Expectations

  • Assist students, faculty, and staff with technology questions and needs.
  • Continuously develop skills through formal and informal training and exploration.
  • Work on projects and initiatives to support and encourage the use and acquisition of languages.
  • Work effectively to complete tasks and projects on one of our three teams. (Activities and Publicity, Resources and Documentation, and Human Connection teams)
  • Keep the Center orderly and clean.
  • Prepare and run events as needed.
  • Expected to be on time, work hard, and stay focused on Culpeper tasks. (The expectation is to not complete outside homework during shifts.)
  • Manage equipment and resources including check-in and check-out of center materials.
  • Other varied expectations and duties and tasks as needed.

 *This is a Gustavus Adolphus College work-study position, and therefore not open to the general public. If needed we can hire Special Approval.