Pound Pals

Named for the patron saint of animals, this group's members visit the St. Peter pound weekly to walk dogs and socialize cats awaiting adoption. Pound Pal volunteers also help organize animal awareness presentations and pound fundraisers.


The mission of St. Francis Pound Pals is to further the cause of animal welfare by serving the local shelter, by raising community awareness of animal issues, and by taking personal responsibility for the well-being of animals in our lives.

How to Apply

For a volunteer application, click here. Applications are due Sept. 16th, 2016


It is the goal of Pound Pals not only to socialize animals and acclimate them to human companionship but also to promote advocacy and awareness about animal-related issues. We strive to do so outside of our time at the pound.


Kind Veterinary Clinic: http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/MN159.html

Providing Animals with Shelter (PAWS): http://www.ci.st-peter.mn.us/police/paws.php3

Search for Opportunities and Track Service Hours

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Gustavus Engage

"It is so rewarding to help the animals and see them become more sociable and then get adopted. I love being a part of that process." Pound Pal Volunteer
"Pound Pals is a great way to get involved in the community. Especially for someone who loves animals and misses their own animals from home." Gustavus Student
Full Name Gustavus Email Address
Elissa Graupmann ’18 egraupma@gustavus.edu
Carly Mau ’17 cmau@gustavus.edu
Anna Wolff ’17 awolff@gustavus.edu