The Elders program provides service to nursing homes and assisted living apartments in the St. Peter community. Volunteers foster positive relationships with residents through bingo, arts and crafts, and conversation. Volunteers meet an hour weekly at three different sites in addition to one-on-one meetings with residents throughout the year.


The mission of the Elders Program is to build mutually beneficial relationships between committed and enthusiastic Gusties and residents of elderly care facilities. Elder’s fosters companionship and happiness by working with residents to enrich their quality of life through weekly activities and one on one relationships.


We believe in quality of life. Our focus is to improve the livelihood of elderly St. Peter residents in long-term care facilities. Volunteers provide companionship, help maintain cognitive and social skills, build confidence, and act as a “family”.

There are two options with the Elders Program depending on your availability and desired involvement:

Activity Night

Weekly, we commit one hour of our time to visit and play games in a group setting. We build relationships with elderly residents of St. Peter and fellow Gusties.


Spend one-on-one time with a resident from a local nursing home or assisted living center. This is a great option for volunteers with a difficult schedule who would like to work independently and build a deeper relationship with an elderly individual in need of companionship.

Ecumen Sand Prairie


Benedictine Living Community


Pheasant's Ridge


Role Name Gustavus Email Address
Tanner Olson '17 Lead Coordinator tolson4@gustavus.edu
Tatianna Thurik '17 Coordinator tthurik@gustavus.edu
Katie Tahtinen Coordinator ktahtine@gustavus.edu
Mara Fenske '17 Coordinator mfenske@gustavus.edu
Ali Helle '18 Coordinator ahelle@gustavus.edu