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What is Study Buddies?

Study Buddies is a student-run organization supported through Gustavus' Community-Based Service & Learning Center. Study Buddies work to engage Gustavus students and their talents to complement the quality of education within the larger St. Peter Community. Our volunteers do this by working in direct contact with students of all ages and background, wherever needed, as requested by teachers.

What is a Study Buddy?

A Study Buddy is a Gustavus student that wishes to work with students in a one on one or small group setting to provide educational opportunities not afforded to students in a larger classroom setting. Study Buddies come from a variety of majors of study and therefore may or may not be comfortable tutoring in a variety of academic subjects. By providing accurate details of what Study Buddies will do in your classroom, our program can better accommodate your classroom's needs.

Why would I want a Study Buddy in my classroom?

We realize that classrooms are filled with diverse students with diverse learning needs.  Study Buddies can help you accommodate the needs of these students.  Some Study Buddies provide opportunities for differentiated instruction in the form of accelerated small reading or math groups.  Study Buddies also work with individual students to administer one-on-one tutoring--thus providing students with the opportunity to meet grade level expectations. Frequently Study Buddies work in Resource or Special Education classroom settings, where instruction is often between a single student and a Study Buddy.  However, Study Buddies also work within regular classroom environments as long as specific opportunities for personalized tutoring or instruction are provided within the classroom.

What do I need to do to prepare for a Study Buddy?

While having a Study Buddy in your classroom does not necessarily mean more work for you as the classroom teacher, you do need to ensure that the Study Buddy has something to do during the time they are in your classroom since they are offering their time. For example, you may initially need to designate groups for the Study Buddy to work with as well as provide material for the Study Buddy to use.   In individualized tutoring situations, Study Buddies can provide extra help on homework and assignments that students have previously received instruction on, giving the student responsibility for identifying what he or she and the Study Buddy do together.

What does Study Buddies expect from me as the teacher?  

Have something for the student to do, communicate with the Gustavus student, communicate with the program's site coordinator, let site coordinators know about any problems with Study Buddies, provide feedback to Gustavus as requested on Study Buddy performance.

How do I get involved in Study Buddies?

Twice a year, at the beginning of both fall semester (September) and spring semester (February), Study Buddies Program Coordinators distribute Teacher Request Forms to each site, as a way to see where and when Study Buddies are desired. After an application and orientation process at Gustavus, Study Buddies are given the opportunity to fill teacher request times while teachers are soon after notified of any Study Buddies who will join their classroom. While the program recognizes that student and classroom needs are dynamic, program coordinators cannot guarantee that any or all requests will be filled.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to contact any of the Study Buddies coordinators at