Gustavus Faculty


What is Study Buddies?

Study Buddies is a community service program supported by the Gustavus Community Service Center, based in a reciprocal relationship between volunteers and the St. Peter Schools. Our volunteers enable this by working in direct contact with students of all ages and backgrounds. Scheduling is flexible and Study Buddies can volunteer as much as their schedules and interest allow.

What can Study Buddies volunteers expect? Who volunteers with Study Buddies?

Volunteers can expect opportunities for various types of activities based on their talents and interests, such as helping an ELL student with homework after school or assisting a teacher by helping lead an activity in the classroom. Study Buddies volunteers come from all majors and interests. Many recognize the impact of their time and choose to volunteer throughout their Gustavus career.

Whom should I talk to about requiring my class to do community service with Study Buddies?

If your course entails a community service component, or you are considering recommending Study Buddies to your students, please make us aware. Coordinators are available to present the Study Buddies program to your students as a potential volunteer engagement. Please contact the Study Buddies coordinators at for more information.

I want to make sure that my students will work with a diverse group of people. Can Study Buddies guarantee that they will be placed in such an opportunity?

While Study Buddies recognizes that every class is diverse and all learning opportunities potentially present a unique experience, we also acknowledge that some volunteers wish to work with a particular type of student or seek a specific learning experience. Often times, teachers request Study Buddies to help students with exceptionalities; there are also a varying number of requests each year for ELL experiences.

I want to partner with SB for a class project. Whom should I contact?

We are always looking for ways to enhance the program and our partnership between St. Peter Schools and Gustavus. Please contact the Study Buddies coordinators at