Current Volunteer Information

Study Buddies works to utilize Gustavus students and their talents to compliment the quality of education offered in St. Peter. Our volunteers do this by working in direct contact with students of all ages and backgrounds, wherever needed. The program will give educators additional means, through our volunteers, to enable every student to reach their highest potential. We value meaningful partnerships between Gustavus students and St. Peter Schools.

Study Buddies Mission


General Information:


When you work with families, children or adults, you will likely learn details about their lives. Please keep this information confidential. Use your own common sense – talk in general terms when sharing information in reflection sessions, classroom conversations or papers. Don’t attach names to stories. If you ever have a question about what should remain confidential, ask our staff or your classroom teacher/site contact person.

Children and Youth:

A few specific tips to augment your own common sense

  • Treat children and youth equitably – do not play favorites or discipline one child more harshly than another, or distance from a child differently than from other children.
  • You need to exude confidence. Think of yourself as a kind teacher or mentor rather than a friend. A big part of success in learning is keeping order in the environment so that it’s a safe place to be. Your leadership will set a tone, so be mindful.
  • Be prepared! If you’re taking instruction from a supervising teacher, you won’t have a lot to prepare aside from your own mental energy, which cannot be underestimated.
  • Have fun, be energized, jump in!

Interested In Becoming a Coordinator?

Coordinator positions will be advertised as needed

Coordinator Responsibilities