Community-Based Civic Learning

The Department of Communication Studies, students and faculty mutually explore the creation, transmission, reception, and understanding of messages in order to appreciate more fully human communication in all its forms. The study of the social, political, and cultural functions of communication in varied environments ranging from interpersonal and public settings to mediated and global contexts develops capacity for the reflective examination of symbol use. The specific focus of our discipline on messages and meanings has long situated communication studies as pivotal in the liberal arts tradition and has established a central place for Communication Studies in the personal, professional, and civic lives of our students, faculty, and alumni. Consistent with the mission of the College and the strategic plan, Communication Studies course offerings are a vital part of the general education program and reflect an emphasis on theory, research, and real-world practice.

Through research, presentations, field work, independent study, internships, international study, and community engagement, students are encouraged to expand the boundaries of the classroom and apply and enhance their understanding of communication through practical community-based experiences and work. Through sharing our expertise in communication with our college and our communities, students and faculty in Communication Studies enact our commitment to civic engagement, social justice, and leadership.


COM 120: Public Discourse

COM 235: Media and Democracy

COM 265: Video Representation

COM 270: Public Deliberation

COM 387: Crisis Communication