Institutional Student Learning Outcomes(ISLOs)

Gustavus Adolphus College students experience an innovative and rigorous liberal arts education, which equips students to develop their skills to engage broadly and purposefully with the world. As an institution, we commit our time and resources to helping students attain their full potential as persons, developing in them a capacity and passion for lifelong learning, ethical reflection, civic engagement, and global concern that prepares them for lives of leadership and service while maintaining their personal wellbeing. We are also committed to the regular assessment of four institutional student learning outcomes that measure skills that will help our students attain their potential so they can be productive, engaged members of a global community working for the common good. These four outcomes do not replace nor take precedence over our larger commitments, but serve them. Students shall develop, practice, and demonstrate these skills across the college, just as all parts of the college are united in the commitments above.

  • Analyze enduring and contemporary questions from multiple perspectives.
  • Demonstrate the ability to reason and communicate effectively in written and oral modes.
  • Demonstrate competence with the content and methods of a particular field of study.
  • Implement an effective strategy to address an open-ended question or to solve a multi-faceted problem.

The four Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs) were endorsed by the Gustavus faculty 8 December 2017.