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Department of Classics

The Perseus Digital Library
An online resource for all the major Greek and Latin texts. Click on a word and you get a full grammatical definition of the form. The site also has translations of these texts, as well as online dictionaries, grammar overviews and other useful language tools as well as a large collection of online images and papyri and special exhibits on the ancient Olympics and on Hercules.
Electronic Resources for Classicists
A possible first choice for finding other websites dealing with all aspects of Classics.
Ancient History Source Book
Includes a large number of sources (translated into English) for ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman history
A treasury of materials for the study of women in antiquity.
The Latin Library
A source for all the major Latin texts online in easy-to-read and printable fonts. Great resource for students wishing to make their own annotated texts of works they're studying. Simply cut and paste sections of the text into a Word document divided into two columns, then use the other column to add your notes, commentary or translation.
Lacus Curtius
The largest mega-site of photographs, ancient texts, and modern encyclopedia articles on the Roman world.
Forum Romanum
A beautifully designed and wide-ranging website with outlines of Roman history, Latin language resources (charts, mottoes, Latin phrases used in English etc.), an expanding collection of Latin texts online, and links to other useful websites.
Vindolanda Tablets Online
A superb site that showcases an amazing set of inscriptions handwritten on thin strips of wood and detailing the daily life of the Roman soldiers and their families who were stationed at this fort in northern England.
Ancient Ostia
Contains all manner of material relating to Rome's ancient seaport, including ancient sources, inscriptions from the city, maps, 3D reconstructions, photographs, and a huge bibliography.
The Beazley Archive
The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, is a valuable resource for students of ancient art. Its greatest asset is its online images of vases, sculpture, gems etc., essays on a wide range of topics and a great online dictionary with illustrations. Whether you want to find a picture of Electra or a map of Eleusis, this is the place to go.
Ancient World Mapping Center
Operating out of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Ancient World Mapping Center exists to promote cartography and geographic information science as essential disciplines within the field of ancient studies.
The British Museum
Offers a range of online tours of its vast collection, organized by topic. These cover many periods and cultures, but of special interest to the classicist are images of Cleopatra, gladiators, and the Trojan War.
Nuntii Latini
This site lets you listen to world news in Latin from Finnish Radio. Live transmission of breaking news, in Latin.
Eta Sigma Phi
The National Honor Society for Classics. Gustavus also supports its own Eta Sigma Phi chapter.
American Classical League
Contains many good links to websites that help you learn Latin and they maintain a huge list of High School Latin jobs if you are thinking of going into teaching.
Society for Classical Studies
The Society for Classical Studies (formerly the American Philological Association) is the principal learned society for Classical Studies in North America.