Update Delegate & Pastor Information

It is important to us to update information about our Association congregations and keep our records current. We ask our GACAC congregations to update us about changes to your roster, including your pastor and Association representatives.

If there are changes to this information, please e-mail church-relations@gustavus.edu or phone us at 507.933.7001, or write to us with the new information.

All ELCA pastors of Association congregations are granted delegate status to our annual spring convention. The number of lay delegates (who have voting privileges) for congregations is determined by the following criteria:

Baptized MembershipNumber of Lay Delegates
2751–3250 *6
Larger congregations are asked to add 1 delegate per 750 members.

Pastors are listed in our records with church address; lay delegates are listed with home address and name/city of church they represent. It is helpful to have telephone and e-mail addresses as well. Delegates are often selected because

  • a connection to Gustavus (alum, parent, etc.)
  • an interest in Lutheran higher education

Delegates help us by:

  • attending the annual GACAC convention, where business of the College is decided
  • informing our office of staffing and delegate changes in your congregation
  • serving as goodwill ambassador for the College in your congregation

Remember that participation in the Association of Congregations does not limit your congregation's relationship with other colleges—in fact, we encourage you to support our 28 other ELCA Colleges & Universities as well.