How the GACAC Works

Delegate & Congregational Commitments

Recognizing the different polity and staffing structures represented within the Association, guidelines for how a congregation manages its membership status is adaptable. In some congregations a pastor will be assigned to ensure that the congregation is meeting the commitments of membership, in others a lay person or other professional staff will assume that role. The form your congregation adopts to meet membership requirements is flexible, but please clarify that arrangement with other representatives if you haven’t done so recently.

Following is a list of the commitments for membership.


  • Designate delegates for the annual GACAC spring convention, typically held on the first Saturday after Easter. Oftentimes delegates are selected because of a connection to Gustavus (alum, parent, etc) but any member of your congregation who supports Lutheran Higher Education is eligible.
    All pastors are granted delegate status, the number of lay delegates is determined by the following criteria:
Baptized Membership Number of Lay Delegates
1 - 750 1
751 - 1250 2
1251 - 1750 3
1751 - 2250 4
2251 - 2750 5
2751-3250 6
Each additional 500 members. Add one delegate.
  • Inform our office of staffing and delegate changes in your congregation as soon as possible


  • Attend the annual GACAC Convention.
  • Inform our office of staffing and delegate changes in your congregation as soon as possible.
  • Support Gustavus by serving as a goodwill ambassador for the college in your congregation.

If you have questions about any of these commitments please contact the Church Relations Office.