Football Stadium - Videos

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In addition to the video walkthrough, you can now experience a full multimedia tour led by Jim Peterson, Al Molde, and Jay Schoenebeck.

Please note that you will need to have the latest version of Flash Player installed in order to experience the tour.


Because it is difficult to imagine oneself in a place based on blueprints and conceptual drawings, we have created a rendered video walkthrough. This video walkthrough is intended to show you what it will be like to be at the stadium once it is built.

How to use

To download the video, follow these steps:

  1. Right click (PC) or control click (Mac) on one of the links below.
  2. Select "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..."
  3. Select a destination for the file to be saved.
  4. When it has completed downloading, open the saved file in your favorite WMV compatible media player.

To view the walkthrough, you need to have Windows Media Player installed on your computer or another media player that can play WMV files such as Nullsoft Winamp.